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T.V. as a Computer Monitor

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  • Started 9 years ago by bicky
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Any ideas on how to use my portable T.V as a computer monitor. This is for my spare machine- don't want the expense of a newq monitor !!!

Posted 9 years ago
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It depends on what type of connectors you have on the T.V and rear of your computer.I have a cable that is a small round 7 pin on one end,and 3 connectors on the other end (green,blue,red colored)which I believe is used to connect a T.V to the graphic card connections of a computer.Hope this helps.

Posted 9 years ago
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Check this..

Even though it says it is for dual display. The steps to connect a TV remains the same. All that matters is the type of ports you have in your computer and the TV. Since you say it is for your spare machine.. even if it doesn't have the required ports that your TV supports you may get a PCI card with that port or a graphics card. Before installing any new graphics card make sure that its power supply requirement is not more than the computers present power supply. If it is more then you should upgrade the power supply in the computer. Best of luck!

Posted 9 years ago
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One important note here: If you use a normal analog TV which most portable TV are you will not read the text on the screen very well at all.
I'm not sure of the exact reason but I have hooked a computer to a small analog TV and you can not read the text very well if at all.
Something about those TVs just makes them unsuitable as a computer monitor.
You can share one monitor with the help of a KVM switch though.
A KVM switch is a device you hook your monitor, keyboard and mouse into and all of your computers also and it has a button to switch between the two computers.

Edit: From a quick search, it appears part of the reason analog TVs don't work that well is the resolution is limited to 640x480.

Edit 2: From a quick search, it appears if you have a PS2 keyboard and mouse with a VGA monitor you can get a KVM Switch for about $25.

Posted 9 years ago

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