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Tutorial: Step-by-step guide how to use PhotoBucket

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  • Started 8 years ago by SarahJames
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Ok, here we go step-by-step :)

First thing you have to do is create an account with PhotoBucket or another site that offers the option to upload images (ImageShack, Flickr etc. do the same - choose one you like best).
In this case I'll use PhotoBucket as an example.

In PhotoBucket you create an account in just two steps:

Go to and on the top you find a sign up button:

When you click that you get this:

Fill it in and when you have created your account enter your username + password and if you're working on your own computer you can choose 'remember me', so you won't have to login again and again;)

Click 'sign me up' and if the name you wanted isn't already taken you get this screen next:

Click 'no thanks' to get a free account.

Then you get asked what settings you like for your default folder - I prefer to keep things private as you can see :)

And you're done :)

When you're logged in you have an option to choose which files (images you want to upload).
Just click the green button and a browser window opens and you can select the files you want to upload.
You can select multiple files at once - it only makes the upload take a while longer to get it's job done ;)

I'll chose one in this case.
Clicking on ok gives an option to browse to the file on your computer.
Like this:

And voila you see your file appear :)

When uploaded you're guided to a page with options to add remarks etc.
I never use them, since I use my account for tutorials etc., but if you use it for pictures it might be handy.

Click 'go to album' at the right or click save if you've made changes and you're guided back to thumbnails of your images.

When you hover over the thumbnail there appear several options.

For How To Geek choose 'IMG code'. Rightclick on the link and choose 'copy'.

Go to your post in HTG and paste the code you just copied into the textbox.

And now your image should appear :)

Another option is to choose 'direct link' and just above the HTG textbox choose 'image', paste the direct link in there and click ok.

Sarah James.

Edit: there are some options you might want to take a look at in Photobucket.

1) You might want to change your privacysettings. You find them when you go to 'home' > 'account settings'.

2) when you don't want to have to click go to album after each image you've uploaded you can skip this by clicking 'more options' right under the green upload button.

And then untick 'Add more tags and descriptions on upload' near the bottom of the popup.

Posted 8 years ago
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And another one you should have (LOL). Thanks again...Garry

Posted 8 years ago
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You're welcome, Garry <big grin>

And thanks:)

Posted 8 years ago
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omg !! you are truly a wiz ! :) nice to meet you Sarah ! When copying several photos the arrow was not there argh ! so I hope you see
it when you open the link,,,,,,,,,if not, then I will take a photo from my digital and send it to you lollllllll I am not going crazy here !

so ya think I will like this vista huh ? so far I must say,,,,,,,GIVE ME BACK MY XP :-0

guess what ? I was in photobucket earlier looking for vista icons lolllllllll what a coincidence !!! I had downloaded Stardock free icons but when
I saw that blue/white arrow, I thought omggggg what did I do now ? lollllll my friends tell me I need to sit still and stop downloading but honestly
I was just looking for the vista icon for the documents folder lolllllll oh well......long story short,,,,,,,I can't thank you enough for taking the time
to show me step by step.

So grateful,

Posted 7 years ago
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Sarah,,,,,for our new found friendship :-)

Posted 7 years ago
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Ohhh, Elizabeth. That's gorgeous;D
(Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Overlooked this post :( )

Posted 7 years ago
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*Crossed fingers*
YES!!! Thank you Sarah!!! Great tutorial!

Posted 7 years ago
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Because I deleted too many files from PhotoBucket this tutorial was unavailable for a while.
I've updated it with new screenshots and with new instructions, because PhotoBucket has changed a little in between too. Enjoy :)

Posted 6 years ago

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