With the tuturial on how to use iconlibraries maybe you'd like to know how to make your own *icl files.

It is easy to do with IcoFx.

First open IcoFX and go to 'too'ls > resource editor'.

This opens an empty 'resource file'.
From here you can browse to an existing dll or icl, but you can also add your own icons.
To do that click the white file with a orange star in it:

Browse to the folder containing the icons you want to use.
Select as many as you want/need and click OK:

Now they appear in your resource file:

Do not forget to click the 'save' icon!!!
Now you can browse to the location where you want to save the file:


That's it - you're done ;)

Now you can take a look at your *icl file:

Notice it get's the first icon in the library as icon itself, but this is only if you have told Windows to open *icl files with IcoFX or another icl program. If not, you will see an empty white icon.

To associate icl files with IcoFx:
rightclick on an icl file and choose 'open with'. Browse to IcoFX if it isn't in the list already.
Make sure the box 'always open files with this program' is selected and click ok.
You're done.


Posted 8 years ago