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turn .exe into portable applications

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  • Started 6 years ago by zs474
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Posted 6 years ago
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It seems to be a SANDBOX program though... so it would work that way to, isolation when running the program and protect the OS possibly?

Files would have to be large if it is also including the 'sandbox' I would think???

Looked at the forums, seems to have many problems, but forums are for problems, right?

Only would work on new installs too, not ones already installed.

I'll pass, but thanks...

Irv S.

Posted 6 years ago
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been using Cameyo - and it works nicely - i want to add that if you come across any problems or are not successful in your attempt with Cameyo - ThinApp is another goodie.!!!
As amatter of fact i started off using Cameyo - but find that im liking ThinApp a little more. : )

never saw that mentioned here before zs474, unless i missed it so it was nice that you brought that up.
ThinApp home page:

Something i should mention ....
When creating portables - understand you wont ALWAYS be successful - at least thats been my experience.
***Another thing : I usually do this in a VM and have seen mentioned that its best to perform the operation in an environment that is clean & lean.
the less programs and extra stuff installed - THE BETTER!
: )

zs474, in the middle of a bunch of things and not sure ill be back on today but i will update that last thread with the links for all the website / html stuff that i said i have a folder full of. i saw your post but its been pretty crazy
: |

Correct Irv - new installs : )

Posted 6 years ago
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thanks for the post and links:)
lots of good stuff to work with now.

Posted 6 years ago

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