My laptop is running Windows 7 Professional. My desktop runs XP Professional. Intermittently my laptop sees the desktop as a network computer, but most of the time it is not seeing it, though it almost always stays connected to the internet (connection through a Linksys wireless router) Since everything goes through the router, I don't understand that. Anyhow, this last time, the laptop is refusing to see the desktop no matter what I do. Usually, resetting the router has worked, but not this time. The desktop does see the laptop under Network Places, but the laptop is not seeing the desktop.

I did run a diagnostics and this last time it says "system time is different from local standard time". I checked and the time between both computers is correct, and my laptop says it is synchronized for internet time, so I don't know what it this error message means. I don't understand, also, why sometimes it would see the desktop and then it won't. Once I have it configured, it should stay re-configured.

Anyhow, I tried resetting the router and the modem, restarting the computers, deleting all available networks and then going through the process of setting up a network. Nothing has worked. Anything you can explain or suggest would be GREATLY appreciated.

Posted 7 years ago