Ok so if you are reading this topic then that means one thing.

You miss your old taskbar that you have seen in Windows 2000,XP, and Vista.

This topic will show you how to get your classic taskbar back.

Also doing this you may see some bugs with it.

First thing you will need is an install disk.

If you want Windows XP then you would need the XP install disk and etc.

Go to start and type in "expand cdromdrive:\i386\explorer.ex_ C:\Users\(your username)\Documents" with quotes and where cdromdrive is the drive you install disk is in and where (your username) is your username.

After that you shoulw now see explorer.exe under your documents. Right click on it and go to properties.

Under the Compatibility tap enable the OS compatibility and select the Windows version if your are using XP explorer then you would select Windows XP/2003 and if you were using Windows 2000 explorer select Windows 2000. Note in windows 2000 explorer the win logo next to start is replaced by a defualt no found icon mostly a blank windows picture.

After you do that click on apply and then close

open up taskmanager and go to processes under that look for explorer (Mostly just by typing in ex) and click on end process.

From this point on the onlything you may see is task manager and some applications if they are running.

Now go to File->run and type in the path to the new explorer file that you just created IE Users\Administrator\Documents\explorer.exe

If you did everything correctly you will now get the classic task bar and desktop.

Also if there were features that you liked in the Windows 7 explorer you will no longer be able to use it unless you start Windows 7 explorer by ending the on your just created and typing in explorer in the run box from file->run.

well I hope that this has helped you out and that you like it.

Posted 7 years ago