Hi my names HASH, i am new to howtogeek however i reckon its awesome, heres my first post.

How To Remove the about.Brontok. virus.
Basically this virus is the Brontok worm which generates a html file in the My Pictures folder.
Recently I have encountered this problem myself, even the school computers are affected, and my friend’s computer.
However I have googled and after a lot of forum searching, I found the way to repair this issue.
1. Firstly you must have an anti virus program installed on your computer.
2. Go to http://www.bitdefender.com/sit.....movalTool/
3. Search for the brontok worm virus, located down the page, and download it.
4. It will complete fast, and go to your download folder and run the anti brontok program.
5. It will immediately destroy the virus.
For Future virus detections, or errors such as Not Responding.
Download and use : http://www.microsoft.com/techn.....lorer.mspx
Process explorer can end programs that task manager event cant.

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Posted 9 years ago