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System Cleaner/Registry Cleaner Article.

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  • Started 5 years ago by ispalten
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Interesting reading for anyone who thinks they need 'cleaners'. Sort of echo's what's said here...

I've got the JV16 suite, never tried really messing with it... now I have to look at it.

Irv S.

Posted 5 years ago
The Geek
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I have serious doubts about that article.

First, testing boot times is a terrible way to check real-world performance.
Second, testing boot times from within a virtual machine is silly, since the times aren't going to be properly accurate from one boot to another.

Finally, the article doesn't really test Registry Cleaners specifically - it tests file cleanup applications, which is a very different thing.

Posted 5 years ago
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I agree on the boot time... I don't think it bears much resemblance to junk left in the registry.

However, the conclusion is valid...

From it :

Many Windows programs are still sloppy about their uninstall process, leaving behind digital debris. In older versions of Windows, this situation was a known cause of trouble.

Leftover, “orphaned” files waste space on your hard drive and create extra work for Windows when it performs indexing, searching, defragging, backups, or other file-related operations.

Leftover Registry entries similarly inflate the Registry — to no useful purpose. Erroneous Registry entries can create system instabilities and crashes, and a bloated Registry might needlessly slow down system startup and shutdown.

First 2 sentences are correct. Last one, well, some still leave clutter, can start services no longer required, or cause reading of a larger registry to get the needed data. Boot times might have very little effect because of these though I believe.

Bottom-line conclusions and caveats

The primary takeaway from these tests is that use of any cleanup tool — even the free, built-in cleanmgr — can help fight bloat and improve your system performance over what you get if you simply uninstall an application.

Although I was surprised that no tool removed all the junk files and leftover Registry entries, they all — even the lowly cleanmgr, if launched from a command line with all its cleanup options enabled — reduced the startup and shutdown times to those of my original, clean system.


So don’t risk destabilizing a solid system for a trivial gain. Stay within your own comfort and skill zone — and always, always, always make a backup before using any cleaning tool.

For me, the bottom line is this: I’ll continue using — and recommending — lightweight tools (such as command-line cleanmgr and CCleaner) for routine cleanups and expert-level tools (such as jv16 PowerTools) when simpler software isn’t enough.

Valid advice as far as I'm concerned....

Back to the booting test though. Although it appears to be meaningless, it might hold true for 'junk' left behind, even if on a VM. Hard to tell, it surely isn't 'real-world'.

Check the CCLeaner part, that is cleaning the registry from what I see?

Irv S.

Posted 5 years ago

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