I Use MS Outlook 2007 calendars. I have 2 local folder calendars, the default calendar (which I don't use) and 3 subscribed-to google calenders (read only).

When synchronising with my Smartphone (WM 6.0 using Active Sync 4.5 - Windows XP), only the default calendar synchronises, and that not reliably (doesn't always work in both directions) - all other sync functions are fine (contacts/ files etc.)

A related problem is that the default calendar copies entries from 2 the local folders.

My wish(in the hope there is a 'fairy geekmother' outh there!): To see a copy of the read only calendars on my smartphone/ to synchronise my own local folder calendars/ to create an entry on my smartphone and be able to tell it which local folder calendar to sync with. (I appreciate this can't be done with the google calendars, which are read only).

The slightly infuriating thing (having spent now a day and a half trying to resolve this) is that I had all this using google calendars with Mozilla Sunbird and 'Birdie Sync' which is an add on for Active Sync -but now we are using the full Office 2007 suite on all our PC's it's seems crazy to have to mix and match applications.

Yours in eager anticipation....!

Posted 8 years ago