You can change that anytime you want:

1. Click on your clock on the taskbar to bring up the Date and Time Properties

2. Click on the far right tab that says Internet Time.

3. There will be a field where your time server is listed. By default microsoft puts their server in there (

4. Find a time server ip address from this listing or see below, then click on the server field with your mouse.

5. You can cut and paste, or just type the new one in, then click the apply button. Now you have a new time server. Click on Update Now to try it out and make sure there are no errors. You can always change back easily if anything goes wrong.

Here are some Time Servers:
NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland
NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland
NIST, Boulder, Colorado
NIST, Boulder, Colorado
NIST, Boulder, Colorado
University of Colorado, Boulder
NCAR, Boulder, Colorado
Microsoft, Redmond, Washington
Symmetricom, San Jose, California
WiTime, Virginia
WiTime, New York City
WiTime, San Jose, California
Summetricom, AOL facility, Sunnyvale, California
Symmetricom, AOL facility, Virginia
Columbia County, Georgia
Monroe, Michigan

Posted 9 years ago