Hi guys

this is the full error i get in the event viewer, and it is under the name of 3ex.net (our software)

System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): A StartDocPrinter call was not issued at System.Drawing.Printing.StandardPrintController.OnStartPrint(PrintDocument document, PrintEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Forms.PrintControllerWithStatusDialog.OnStartPrint(PrintDocument document, PrintEventArgs e) at System.Drawing.Printing.PrintController.Print(PrintDocument document) at System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument.Print() at Exact.Exnet.ReportProcessing.EmfPrinter.PrintReport(String printerName) in C:\VisualStudioProjects\CSharp\Exact.Exnet.root\Exact.Exnet.V3.13\ReportProcessing\EmfPrinter.cs:line 192

When i do a test print from windows it works fine, when i print from the software to other printers it works but not this one.

software is run from our Server 2008 going through a printer that is shared on a windows XP machine.

any suggestions on what could be causing this?


Posted 6 years ago