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Intel Corp. announces it is expanding its X25-M 2.5-in. and X18-M 1.8-in. SATA solid-state drive (SSD) family with a 160GB drive in a 2.5-in. size.

The X25-M product is shipping now, and the 1.8-in. 160GB version will start shipping in January.

The X25-M beat out Western Digital's fastest Velociraptor hard disk drive, which has a 250.2MB/sec. burst speed and 105.6MB/sec. average read speed. The X25-M turned in 256.7MB/sec. and 230.2MB/sec. burst and transfer rates, respectively. Intel said the data throughput on the new 160GB model remains the same as its 80GB predecessor.
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Unfortunately, for the average Builder, prices remain extremely high for the new product but may decline in the 1st calendar quarter as production fabs ramp up.
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