These have been failing for several months now and of course causing several problems with system, mainly IE issues but others as well. The updates are very specific....KB2676562, 2705219,2769369,2778344...all other updates install correctly but these keep coming up and fail everytime. My messages to Microsoft seem to get lost in translation somehow as I'm basically told how important updates are. I have numerous systems but this is my main. for instance, sometimes ordering with certain websites, I can't get the order to go through unless I change browsers, other times I'm updating software from within a program and it'll fail unless I open it on another system and save the update and copy it over. A real pain here. Probably need to complete trash the system and reinstall OS but I'm a teacher and have numerous students (music, producing, vocals, songwriting, etc.) and having all of their files makes it difficult to allow the time as they come every day except Sundays and sometimes then.
This seemed to start off with the fact that I couldn't open the 32bit browser from an email. Browser would come up as no connection, although there was. If I had the 32bit browser opened it would open. that went on for several weeks then all of a sudden it started working OK. No changes on my end. Chrome, Safari and Firefox all work OK. But that problem appears to be fixed now but I mention it as maybe a clue to the updates? I'm most certainly not a tech but am pretty well versed with 20+ years experience.
Can anyone please give me some direction to find help. This just started all of a sudden about 4-5 months ago. Otherwise system runs OK, Big system, running Win 7, 64bit, 16Gb Ram, 3 monster HD's, 3.2 Gz processor etc.
Thank you

Posted 4 years ago