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Sonicstage and M4A files

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  • Started 8 years ago by beetle79
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All my CDs have been ripped to my hard drive usig either Itunes or winamp and are in m4a /AAC format.
I occassionaly use sonicstage to update my sony mp3 player and go through the process of converting my files to mp3.

I realised that sonicstage 4.3 is meant to handle m4a so downloaded it. When I add m4a files it goes through the import process and seems to be doing just that. When it has finished,the files are not in my library and when I try the same files a second time it errors with:

"cannot find music files that are not registered to sonictage (error code 00007180) "

All my music is from CDs but not riped with sonicstage. is this the issue? Anyone know if it is really possible to import m4a files?


Posted 8 years ago
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Hi beetle. If you just rename the files from .m4a to .mp3, they will run as mp3's. No need for a conversion program.

Posted 8 years ago
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@Lighthouse: M4A is MPEG-4 audio and MP3 is MPEG-3 audio. Just renaming the files can't change the format from one to the other.

Posted 8 years ago
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i used to have a nice conversion program a while back but i can't seem to remember the name of it off the top of my head but there has to be some good free wares out there though :) somewhere.....

Posted 8 years ago
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This could be such freeware!

I use it all the time and you can even change the bit rate

Posted 8 years ago
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I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it does say that version 4 of SonicStage supports AAC format, but also says "a number of features/bugs ... are still missing". That's a poorly worded sentence because missing bugs sound like a good thing! I think it means there are missing features and others that are buggy.

You should look for a SonicStage forum because Sony uses the proprietary ATRAC audio format and I don't know of any other company that makes Sony-compatible software.

Posted 8 years ago
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Check this one out. They do support M4a. Also look at their home page. There are more programs listed.

Posted 8 years ago

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