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  • Started 4 years ago by Marksheet
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On HTG, I frequently see that the original poster never returns. He just creates the first post and then whooooshhh !! Vanishes forever !! My question is, what is the moderator's take on these subjects ?? Does they close the topic or delete it altogether ??

Posted 4 years ago
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Marksheet. It is a common problem and does not just apply HTG forum but many others.
As you say, an OP will create a topic perhaps to test the ground for a possible spam attack. In some cases it just secure the membership and then test the ground as it were. 2 weeks later you get counterfeit jerseys, shoes, something that puts lead in your pencil...I don't need to go on!

We are pretty quick getting rid of this stuff by the way.

There is always the case where a question is asked and the response is not immediate and the OP decides to 'channel hop' and never come back.

'Does they close the topic or delete it altogether ??'

In the case where we suspect a dodgy request then it is sent to the Dungeon, from whence there is no escape.

On occasions, we might allow a topic to 'advance' to a point where a final decision is made and then...

Whooooshhh !!
There it was gone!

We have the tools but we are firm and fair (ish)

Again, many forums have the same problem and they deal with them in different ways.

I hope that answers your question, and is open to further comments (lol)


Accepted Answer · Posted 4 years ago
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Thanks Mike, that answers my question... Other replies are also welcome though...

Posted 4 years ago

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