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Shooting The Moon

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  • Started 4 years ago by Straspey
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I have to share this with somebody -

I just played the "Hearts" card game which comes built in to Windows.

For those of you who are familiar with the game of Hearts, how its played, and play it on your PC ... I just "shot the moon" on four consecutive hands, beginning with the first one dealt.

The final score was Straspey - 0
The other three players -------104

Unfortunately there's no way to save a completed game and it does not maintain a log either.

You'll just have to take my word for it.

Posted 4 years ago
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Congrats ! And it's a full moon no less.
Via VistaMike

And if you happen to see a London bus up there apparently The Sun has reported this as fact.

Posted 4 years ago
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Ah, I got the paper and the location wrong; It was the Sunday Sport and the location was the South Pole

twas a Lancaster bomber found on the moon

See more of the ludicrous headlines,00.html

Posted 4 years ago
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Nice one Straspey.

I remember when I was a kid playing darts at the local youth club. I hit the bull's eye three times in a row, only nobody saw it happen, so they said I'd cheated. Bastards!

Posted 4 years ago
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<LOL> Very familiar feeling. I generally have my best ideas and perform best when absolutely no one is around. <look of utter despair>

As a kid I once solved a science problem we had to do for homework, but the teacher had forgotten to tell us one important fact we needed to solve it.
There was another way to approach the problem, but it hadn't been discussed in class, so the problem was more or less unsolvable.
I however did solve it during lunchbreak, just before class started, while I was walking with a classmate.
I still remember the feel of sheer exhileration.
But in class I didn't say a word.
I can still kick myself for not speaking up and the teacher even asked if someone had found the other solution!!!

Posted 4 years ago
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@Sarah, i would have stood up and made a meal of it just to see the teachers face lol,lol
and for your satisfaction :)

Posted 4 years ago
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It's what I should have done!
Now I'm kicking myself even harder :P

Posted 4 years ago

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