I was trying to share a Canon MP160 (which is attached to a networked Vista PC) from my Windows7 running in a VM partition. It worked perfectly for the printer part. In W7 I defined the Home Network and on the PC with the MP160 I made everything shareable. Since the MP160 is a multifunction, I also wanted to share the Scanner part. But I have no clue how to do that. In the MP160 Vista PC there is no option to set the scanner as a shared device (in Network and sharing center) and in W7 I have only "Share other devices" which does not discover the scanner.
I have a similar problem for sharing files and folders. I wanted to use the files and folders of the host system (host to the VM partition) but could not figure out how that works. Note that all files and folders are set as "shareable" on the host. The Canon IP 6600D printer that is attached to the host can be shared without problems.
So whilst it seems to be easy to share the printers, there are problems with the other facilities. Any advice?

Posted 8 years ago