Hi I've been trying to get screen savers to work by using your guide but
but I've been having trouble following your last step and that where it all goes wrong
please could I have help cause I am stuck
and I yes I know I shouldn't but I use the netbook whilst traveling and I like to watch anime on the train (it makes the trip go faster)
that I buffer at home but now when I open the lid of my netbook it shows a piccy of a flame and a count down
and I can't get my netbook to work unless I turn off and on my netbook and I lose whatever anime I would like to watch (sulk)
I hope this heart warming tale will motivate anyone to help solve this dilemma

PS I really like the pacman saver
PPS I need the paint by numbers version cause I'm not technical
PPPS first time here I hope I've put this in the right place

Posted 4 years ago