I replaced a bad motherboard on a friend's Gateway computer. All working OK, except the SATA DVD drive does not recognize media.

Re-installed Win-7, and correct driver was loaded for the DVD drive during the Windows install. Windows sees the drive in My Computer and HW Management screens. If a music CD, movie DVD, Data DVD/CD or blank burnable media is inserted, the drive searches for a few seconds, then ejects the tray and windows puts-up a message "insert a CD or DVD". Swapped-in and IDE DVD drive, connected via IDE ribbon cable to motherboard's IDE connector, and the drive reads media just fine, plays music CD's, Movies, data dvds. Note: dvd drive is the only device on the IDE bus; there are two SATA disk drives (both working fine) connected to the motherboard SATA connectors. Replaced the original Sony DVD drive with a brand new Lite-On DVD-RW drive purchased at my local MicroCenter store. Acts the same way as the original SATA drive.... drive is recognized by Windows, but drive doesn't recognize media. Motherboard is Foxconn Bengal RS780. Any help appreciated. This one has me stumped. Googling on the problem reveals lots of others with same problem, on many, many forums. But, no good solutions anywhere on the Web.

Posted 4 years ago