I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers and i think I did something wrong after i downloaded sardu.

One of my laptops-win xp was infected. my login window would freeze, cursor wouldnt move and i couldnt access anything in my laptop.

I used a different un-infected laptop to browse to resolve this problem....came across "How to geek" online which suggested to downloaded sardu. I did just that onto an external hard drive, opened it, and downloaded Avira Rescue CD + Bit Defender Rescue CD to Clean Infected PC etc on to my good laptop, extracted these files on to the external hard drive and created 1 single floppy disc i.e, used the same hard drive to instead of a floppy. Everything went fine till now...

Then I disconnected the hard drive from the good laptop and connected it to the infected one hoping to clear the virus.... Before I could do that, my good laptop started show the black sardu reboot screen, saying 'Automatic reboot will start in 40secs'. The count down begins from 40 to 0 sec's and at the end of it, the count down starts all over again....this has been going on from last after noon...I cant log into my good laptop now...what did I do wrong?

Posted 5 years ago