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eSata was suppose to be the real solution with its own controller.
USB HDs just sneaked in under the radar.
The highest voltage in a PC is 12 volts.
ALWAYS cut the back power switch OFF when working in the PC to avoid shorts and voltage transits which could harm components as the PC is always ON otherwise.

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Posted 8 years ago
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To get back on topic <grin>, I have an update to my Sandboxie experience.

I downloaded and installed it, and have been playing around with it. One of the first things I wanted to do was configure my email so that any new mails received within Sandboxie would ALSO go to my non-Sandboxie environment. If you don't do this, then any emails received when you have your email program open in Sandboxie will "evaporate" when you close your Sandboxie session, and you will lose the emails.

There is a way to do this within Sandboxie, and there is also a confirmation routine to make sure you did it right.

In the first several attempts, IT DIDN'T show up in the non-sandboxie environment. I reread the instructions several times, but it kept failing.

And then I read the manual configuration instructions, and the light bulb came on. Apparently, sandboxie assumes that the .dbx files (the OE mailbox files) are stored in the default location on C:\.

When I originally installed OE, I changed the storage location of the .dbx files to my E:\ partition. So I went into the Sandboxie Control and manually configured direct file access for msmin.exe (OE) to my .dbx storage on E:\Outlook Express (where I have the OE .dbx files stored), and BOOM . . . as John Madden would say . . . the confirmation routine worked.

So, I posted on the Sandboxie forum suggesting that they might consider adding a caveat to the instructions that if a user has the OE mailbox files stored anywhere other than the default location, that pointing Sandboxie's direct file access to where the .dbx files are stored is necessary for correct configuration and confirmation.

Posted 8 years ago
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On the bookmark thing, it doesn't seem necessary to cut and paste them into notepad in a Sandboxie session. I'm not sure how or why, but apparently I have the thing configured so that a bookmark is saved to a non-Sandboxie session anyway.

When I open IE in a non-Sandboxie session, the bookmarks that I added in the Sandboxie session appear. When I make a bookmark in a Sandboxie session, I get the "Immediate Recovery" Default window asking me if I want to recover the favorite to a non-Sandboxie session:

I'm not sure if this is because in the Sandboxie settings, I have "Add IE Favorites to Quick Recovery folders" checked

because I think this is the default, and that user on another forum said that he had to always copy and paste the favorites to notepad to save them to a non-Sandboxie session. Either he doesn't have that default checked, or I got real lucky.

Posted 8 years ago

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