I have an Epson Stylus Photo RX260 all-in-one printer. I use it with my Mac OSX10.4 desktop in my classroom. For several years, it's worked just fine. All of a sudden, it's quit printing. The print jobs show to be queuing up, but nothing happens. I emailed Epson support, and basically they said uninstall/reinstall. I did that several times, I bought a new USB cable, I bought new ink cartridges. Still nothing. My son-in-law said it sounded like it could be a bad port on the computer. To my chagrin, I found that no one repairs printers because "it's cheaper to replace them." Even though I've spent over $100 on parts, I bought an RX580. Well, same problem. The print jobs queue up, but won't print. It scans and copies just great, just no printing from my computer. What is going on here? Is it an Epson thing? And if so, why can't they tell me what needs doing? Can't afford to buy yet another color printer, and can't get help from our district tech support people because it's my personal printer. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

Posted 7 years ago