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Restoring an Image of Vista with DriveImage XML

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  • Started 7 years ago by SarahJames
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About a year ago I wrote this text up about DriveImage XML and the VistaPE BootCD.
I thought I'd move it to tutorials and add a few extra remarks, but it had gotten rather cluttered, so I've copied the intro here and will add the remarks in my next post:)

Hi everyone,
A while ago I was on the lookout for a free backupsoftware that enabled me to make an drive image.
DriveImage XML is such software, but the trouble is it doesn't have a function to create a bootCD.
There is BartPE, for Windows XP.
But now there is also VistaPE. All you need is your Vista installation CD and WinBuilder, which you can download at too.
You also need to install DriveImage XML on your computer and either make your own scipt to add it, or download the one I found here:
(It's a download in the second post)
You can add other (simple) programs by writing your own scripts. It's not hard - I had it figured out in about half an hour using the driveimage.script as example.
There is also a tutorial on the site, that starts here:
And here is a nice one:
Otherwise, just google VistaPE and loads of tutorials can be found:)
I used the recommended installation and then added the option 'Explorer' and added some apps of my own - Irfanview, IcoFx and Magic File Renamer.
Not so much because I need them on the BootCD, but because I wanted to get the hang of these scripts. LOL
Then let it build it's iso, burn the iso to a cd (or dvd if you choose to add all options there are) and you can try it out.
Or (what I did), you can install VirtualBox
and test it before burning, so if there are any errors you won't have to throw out your freshly burned cd.
You're also welcome to the iso I made and save yourself the trouble.

Posted 7 years ago
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In the time between I've used the VistaPE BootCD and various images I've made with DriveImage XML to restore my system when I'd mucked it up :)
I found others ran into trouble though when they tried to restore.
So here are some pointers to note:

- the image should be on a different partition of you HDD or on a second internal HDD or you should add options to you're VistaPE BootCD to load an USB device or external HDD (don't ask me how to do that - it is long ago I took the trouble to sort it all out and I've forgotten how I create the cd, so follow the links above and look it up yourself:D).
Oh and just to be clear: the image can not be on your systemdrive because that will be formatted! So don't store it in C:\users\*username*\my documents (which is the default location that pops up every time I make an image - pretty silly).

- when restoring (sorry can't post screenshots - didn't make any when I did the last restore and I'm not going to restore an image just to show you LOL) you startup from your VistaPE BootCD and then open DriveImage XML.
Choose 'restore an image', browse to your image file and then people run into trouble.
It can't lock drive C.
You get three options.
Ok, Cancel and Ignore.
You have to choose Ignore!!!
Then you get a confirmationbox asking you if you really are sure, all data on C will be lost etc etc.
If you are sure you have to type a code in a box. DISK0#1 if C is the drive where you want to restore.
(Or at least that is the code I get - the code is clearly displayed, so just type the code you're asked).
Hit ok and it starts immediately. There is no way back:)
A couple of hours later (depending on the size of you HDD) it's done.

Hope this is of use to anyone:)


Posted 7 years ago
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Oh and I nearly forgot what triggered me to look up this old post:)
A lot of people have the error bootmgr missing.
There are several ways to restore it, but one more is using VistaPE BootCD and your image made with DriveImage XML.

Startup using the cd > open DriveImage XML > choose the option "browse" and open an image that you know for sure was from a point in time you're computer was ok.

It takes a while to load - might be a minute or long enough to get yourself a nice cup of coffee, depending on the size of the file. <LOL>

Then you can simply select bootmgr and click on 'extract'.

By default it chooses my documents as a place to save things, but that won't help you, so make sure you edit that to just " C:\ " (without the quotes)

Click ok, restart and you should be all ok again.
Worked for me and is the easiest method I've come across so far.

Btw. if you have a bootcd you might as well save a copy of bootmgr on another partition or drive and you can copy that too to it's proper location. You won't even need DriveImage that way <LOL>.

Posted 7 years ago

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