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(Solved) - resize a partition

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  • Started 7 years ago by digitalme
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ok please help and thanx!!

I have recently created a new partition from my C drive.. @ 10 gigs and called it drive G.. I installed windows 7 on it as duel boot, to give it a go... I like it but have only 453 mb left for available space on this drive G !! Now when i shrink more volume out of C how come I can not allocate new shrunken space to drive G?? please any help is good help as i have looked everywhere!! the extended link is grayed out on drive G

Posted 7 years ago
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The Windows versions of Disk Manager included with the system do NOT move FREESPACE for you. It MUST be at the end of a partition to be added.

You CAN 'fix' this though, although you might NOT like the answer. What you have to do is

A) Buy a 3rd party Partition Manager, and you are almost forced to do this if you have the 64 bit version, but I've THIS ONE that says it is free. I have not used it though.

B) DELETE the G: partition, and then there should be 2 FREESPACES right next to each other and you can combine them and then RE-INSTALL W7.

Irv S.

Accepted Answer · Posted 7 years ago
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wow...THANK YOU SO MUCH :) it worked!! that is awesome!! I used the program.. it worked on the second try!!

ok now once i install all my program off vista that i want to keep and all personal data (music, videos, pictures Ect..) can I get rid of the C drive completely?? then do the same thing to add rest of space over to G?? thanx again !!

Posted 7 years ago

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