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Remotely accessing an iPad from Internet Explorer

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  • Started 5 years ago by DniOzzie
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I do use LogMeIn to access my computers from iPhone / iPad or IE, but I am looking for a way to access an iPad from an iPhone or IE when the iPad is in one country and the other in another, therefore not on a share Wifi connection.

There are a few apps that can deal with iPads / iPhones on shared Wifi network, but not what I am looking for and can't find anything in App store.

This would be for an iPad in France remotely accessed From Australia.

Maybe somebody knows something I have not been able to find online, surely, I am not the first person to think that it could be a usefull app.


Posted 5 years ago
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Sadly, what you want is simply not really possible. You would probably have to:

1) Be jailbroken and install a VNC server. This allows remote access over Wi-Fi. You would then have to set up port forwarding to use that via the internet.


2) Build some kind of machine that actually has some kind of stylus and presses the iPad's screen. This would be expensive, and would essentially be a robot. You would also have to stream the screen - you could probably do it via the VGA out?!

The first sounds hard(ish) and the second is just stupid. So I think you should just leave it!


Posted 5 years ago

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