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reducing size of display on screen.

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  • Started 9 years ago by dollykay
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When I load a photo/ dvd programme on my friends window XP (old) computer with the old style cathode ray monitor we can only see the top 75% of the page. Thus I don not have access to all the facilities available, as I am not widely experienced I have no idea how to reduce the size of the displayed page and there is no scroll on the page.

Please help!

Posted 9 years ago
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Does everything else show in full screen?

Posted 9 years ago
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I've seen a similar behavior on my XP system. It will allow parts of windows to be drawn outside of the viewable desktop area on a CRT monitor. While we are waiting to hear of a complete solution, here are some "stupid keyboard tricks" that I've learned to deal with this.

* With the application selected, press Alt+Spacebar on the keyboard, then press the "X" key. This will maximize the window making it fill the whole desktop but no more.
* If you have a Windows key on the keyboard, press Win+D to minimize all windows to the taskbar down at the bottom. Then right-click on the minimized application that you are interested in and select "Maximize" from the little window that pops up.
* If there is no Windows key, press Alt+Spacebar then the "N" key to minimize a window.
* Also, you can grab a window that is off screen by pressing Alt+Spacebar, then the "M" key. This puts the mouse cursor on the title bar of the window even if you can't see it. Without moving the mouse, left-click and hold, then move the mouse and the window will come with it. Once it's on screen, you can place it and size it to your liking.

Finally, when you exit an application, Windows should remember where it was and open it the same way the next time.

Posted 9 years ago
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Usually this happens if your resolution is to high for the monitor so it only shows parts of it.
If you go to Control Panel -> Display -> Settings Tab you can lower the resolution.

Posted 9 years ago
The Geek
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Since it's an old CRT monitor, you often have to use the controls on the monitor to shrink the display to fit on the screen. There are usually height and width controls.

Posted 9 years ago

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