I am to receive a windows 7 upgrade. I read that upgrade install works well, but I also read somewhere that a "clean" install works best. Here is what I have done to prepare....I purchased a new hard drive, but I assume that since it is an upgrade, Windows 7 will not install on the new hard drive and then allow mw to move data and files from the Vista drive to the Windows 7 drive. What I am trying to do is to end up with a 1.5TB drive that is my "active" drive with all the programs and data files, and to use my "old" 1 TB drive as a "storage or backup drive". My current "backup" is Acronis on a 2TB External drive, as well as a 1TB External also as a backup for data files. If all else fails, I use Carbonite online backup. All of the backup on Acronis and Carbonite is on Vista. I know that it appears that I am "overdoing" the backup, but I have a large amount of data that I do not want to lose. I also paln to continue with Acronis and Carbonite. I am somewhat of a "novice" when it comes to computers, so I am asking if I am preparing to do this "the right way". Your suggestions and thoughts are appreciated. The Vista side of this forum has never lead me the wrong way, so I am back with another request for your help, and sorry for the lenghtly post.

Posted 7 years ago