Hi. This error came up:


My friend, a computer guru, suggested I try a new hard drive and reinstall windows via a usb. So I purchased one, popped it in and turned back on the computer to enter the BIOS mode to set it to boot from a USB that has windows xp on it (yes, its bootable).

Problem #1: When I go into the BIOS to change the boot order, USB isn't an option..the only options are network, floppy, cd-rom (no, i don't have my windows cd rom disk), and hard drive. Also tried pressing ESC to change boot order on the boot screen, same options, no USB.

Problem #2: I notice that if I don't press f10 to enter the BIOS menu soon enough it tries to start itself and the error still comes up, just as it used to before i put in the new hard drive.

Problem #3: I ran the hard drive test in the BIOS after popping in the new one and it says No IDE found. How can that be? I just put in a brand new one!

Anyone have suggestions? I found tons of posts on the net telling people to get a new hard drive and reinstall off a usb... how would i reinstall off the usb though if it doesnt even give me the option? One post said maybe the USB is disabled...yet they didn't give any clue of how to enable it so it is recognized as a boot source.


Posted 6 years ago