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Putty questions

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  • Started 8 years ago by mebenson
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(I'm a newbie to Linux)

I am trying to SSH into my desktop computer which is running ubuntu. When I SSH into it using Putty and Virtual Box on my lap top it works. I just type ssh ip address (then I enter a password and it works).

However when I try to use putty and do the same command line on my lap top at work, or other computers, I can't connect. My desktop computer and my lap top are using the same router and are in the same place - if that matters.

Also, (this is going to sound stupid) I thought my IP was and that is what I use to SSH into my desktop computer and since it works I thought that was it's IP address. However, I see that same IP address in a lot of help stuff when searching around for answers. Is that not my it just an example or something? Is the only reason why the SSH works with that IP because I am SSHing into a a computer on the same router?

So confused! And I know it's probably so thanks in advance!

Posted 8 years ago
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Mel, it's not stupid, just something that's new to you. It was new to all of us at one time. IP addresses of the form 192.168.x.x are private IP addresses. They are reserved for local private networks. If your router is set as a DHCP server, it assigns addresses to the systems that you own using private addresses. This is quite typical for a router. It allows you to have one *public* Internet IP address (or WAN address) shared among several systems on your *private* local network (LAN).

To SSH to your system from out on the Internet, you will need to know the public IP address that is assigned to your router. You can find this in the router's setup screens or by browsing to from any system on your private LAN. You will need a daemon, such as sshd, running on the system you wish to SSH to. This seems to be working since you can SSH to the system from another system on the private LAN. Finally, you need to tell the router that incoming SSH requests should be sent to the desktop system. This is called port forwarding. The standard SSH port is 22, so you need to setup port forwarding for port 22 to your server's private IP address.

See, it's not so simple and you probably still have questions. Holler back if you need more answers or help configuring your router.

Posted 8 years ago

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