As requested, here Im putting up a small list of software wich I couldnt get to run in vista but will run in seven

Fisrst of all Im an architect and do a little of CG so lets go

Modo 302: Modelling-Rendering-Animation: The program would strat on vista, but just as the viewports showed up the "program has enconutered an error blblabla looking for solutions screen showed up, this aswell happend on 7 32bit, but I performed an upgrade from vista, so that could be the issue.

3Dstudio max 9: I NEVER got it to run in vista, despite the performance booster upgrade (think of it as a service pack), it does run in 7 without the addon.

An old program written by an engineer on my company for hydraulic calculations, Its not commercial but anyway it ran well on 7.

well that's all my small contribution. Hope it does good for someone somewhere.

Posted 8 years ago