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Problem with file sharing

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  • Started 4 years ago by boeta
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Any help please. I've created i network between between my 2 pc's everything hard disks and all are shared but on any one of the pc's i cant open the other pc's files and i did allow full control to everyone. Help me please where did i go wrong. I need to open the other pc's files please

Posted 4 years ago
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most of the times i found sharing to be a little hit or miss on the first shot but always found that the solution is very near by.

double check a few things ....
right click on the folder and select properties. then ....
*note, these arent in any particular prder, just some things to have a look at. ive been successful in sharing after going back and forth between these settings. hopefully this helps you too.

there was also a tut posted recently that i thought i had been moved to the appropriate tut forum but i cant find it.

Posted 4 years ago
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boeta, Hi. How are the two PCs networked? Peer-to-peer? Or are you using a router/switch/hub? Are the two PCs both have Windows 7?

Posted 4 years ago
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@G41M i'm using a lan cable don't know what you call the connection but that's how i connect them

Posted 4 years ago
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oh and both are running windows 7 ultimate

Posted 4 years ago
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the lan cable must be a cross-over if you are connecting the machines direclty .

Posted 4 years ago
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Open up a Command prompt and enter NET VIEW... results should look like this showing all computers you have access too...

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

c:\>net view
Server Name Remark

\\IRV-XPS435 Irv's XPS 435T
\\RT-N56U RT-N56U
The command completed successfully.

Copy and Paste your results in a reply please.

After you do that, you can do the command again adding one of the \\computer names you see from above... like this :

c:\>net view \\irv-xps435
Shared resources at \\irv-xps435

Irv's XPS 435T

Share name Type Used as Comment

AVI Disk
C Disk
C_XPS Disk XPS C Drive
Documents Disk
Games DL Disk
Image Library One Disk
K_XPS Disk
L_XPS435 Disk L Drive
Public Disk
Users Disk
The command completed successfully.

Post your results back in the reply as well.

With that info we might be able to determine what to do next.

Irv S.

Posted 4 years ago

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