I am at work and I've come across a printing issue that no one seems to be able to fix. When I print the job will go to the printer, the printer will say that the job is complete and then the stopped job button shows in the utility window. The job never prints. It doesn't matter which printer I print to or how I print. I've tried printing over AppleTalk, USB, ethernet, Bonjour and IP. Nothing works. My computer can communicate with the printer. I just can't print. It's worth noting that at another venue I had to have my IP changed to be able to print to one specific printer. But since then it has changed back so I can't figure out the problem. I've tried deleting all of my printers and re-adding them. I've tried reseting the printer settings through the print utility. I've reset the PRAM. Nothing works. I am using a PowerBook G4, 10.4.11. Please Help.


Posted 7 years ago