Hi All

I recently went on the quest to download and install Windows 7, and during the journey ran into a few problems. Having searched the Internet, i came across advice that both worked, and didn't work. I have rounded this up into a simple thread just incase anyone else has the same problem.

Unable to Partition your drive using Vista (0 Shrink Volume).
This problem is caused by system files basically getting in the way on your hard drive. Solve this solution by defragging your HDD in Offline Mode using PerfectDisk 2008. (Do not use Windows Defrag Program, it won't work)

Some Forums talk about typing CMD Prompts and disabling a whole load of features, there is simply no need, just do the above.

SPWIZENG.DLL and autorun.dll Error when installing.
Again, some people say there is a problem with the DVD you burnt the ISO image too, and some people say re-install your DVD Rom drivers. There is no need, simply re-download the Windows 7 ISO file from the Microsoft Website. (thanks to Madmacs HTG)

Save a DVD, and yourtime.
There is no need to burn the ISO image to a DVD. Simply download Virtual Clone Drive ( which is free ) and install it. Then right click on the Virtual Drive and Mount the Windows 7 ISO file. Voila, click Setup.exe and your off.

The above is very simple but i spent many of hours trying out different advice from many forums, i have found that the above solutions work for the above errors and i simply wanted to give time back to all those people who helped me.


Posted 8 years ago