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Pieces of Writing i have published all over the internet

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  • Started 9 years ago by HASH
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Just wondering if ever you guyz have spare time, if you can read my elegant, and inspiring pieces of writing i have published. Here are the links:

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Thanks for reading, i know you will enjoy it.

Posted 9 years ago
The Geek
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I'm not a fan of the article directories that you've written these pieces for.

They are all owned by the same company, designed to capture google traffic by getting users to write zillions of nonsensical pieces so as to build up keyword-rich content.

They claim they will pay you 50%, but it's a giant scam... in reality they barely have to pay you a cent. A million people each making 1 penny per day makes them $300k per month, but they only need to pay out 15 cents per author per month. Since they likely have a minimum you have to earn before they pay out any money, they pretty much end up never needing to pay most of the authors.

If you are interested in writing, I'd suggest that you start up a blog and then write about things people are interested in reading. It would be better exposure for you as a writer, and there are much better options for monetizing a blog that you own.

There are lots of good resources for learning about blogging, including and You are also welcome to email me anytime.

I'm going to close this thread and let it fall off the page, because we don't allow money-making schemes on this forum.

Don't worry, we're still happy to have you around, just don't post these types of links.

Posted 9 years ago

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