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Partitioning Ubuntu

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  • Started 7 years ago by BobJam
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I installed Ubuntu, and now I have a dual boot machine (Grub). That part's fine.

But, I think I screwed up.

The Ubuntu Update Manager came up, and showed some updates to download. So I clicked on "Install". and then it said I didn't have enough disk space for the measly 300 some MB's of the updates.

So I bounced back to Windows and took a look at what the partitions were, and here's what I saw:

It looks like Ubuntu just took the bare bones of what it needed.

I probably should have chosen the "manual" option when it displayed that installation page about partitioning, and sized the thing myself (my Windows partition is some 77 GB's, but only 20 some are used, and there is about 55 or so free). On the installation page about partitioning, I chose the option to have it install itself "beside the Windows partition". I saw a brief message about my selection being irreversible (and usually when I see something like that, I press "Cancel" until I can look into it . . . but this time I pressed "forward" . . . the Ubuntu version of "next" I think). I think this is where I really screwed up.

So I tried Ubuntu's "gparted" . . . their partition manager, but the "resize" option was grayed out. I wanted to see if I could resize the partition with Ubuntu, but I couldn't figure out how to do it (actually, I'm not real sure it can BE done).

I have plenty of free space, and I had planned to reallocate about 20GB for Ubuntu. Had I chosen that "manual" option, I probably could have done that. Why I didn't choose "manual" is beyond me. That was a real stupid move.

I have PartitionMagic and am tempted to try to resize with that, but I'm pretty snakebit now, and all I really want to do is wipe out the Ubuntu installation and start over from the CD I made from the ISO. But I'm not sure how to do that either.

So, my most pressing questions are:

How do I wipe out all the Ubuntu stuff and start over?

If I wipe out the partitions, will that mean Ubuntu is completely gone? (Which is exactly what I want).

Do I remove/delete the partitions through windows? If so, exactly how do I do that?

Or do I remove/delete the partitions through the Ubuntu CD . . . and if so, how?

I was going to post these questions on the Ubuntu forum (and still am), but the server is down right now.


Posted 7 years ago
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I did this once as well lol : )

I think if you put the instalation disc back in and choose to do a manual partition it will let you delete the original and then you make a new one by resizing and whatnot. It has been a while since i've done this but i found it quite easy and i'm sure will too.

Posted 7 years ago
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Sorry i didnt make that very need to put the disc back in and do it as if you was going to install another OS. Go through the procedure as you did last time, when you come to the partitioning bit choose to do it manually. Somewhere in there is the option to erase a and resize partitions (erase the ubuntu you already have installed and resize the windows one). When done you will see this as free space and you can then do a clean install again.

There may be another way but this is how i got round it.

Can anyone confirm this is good to do as i've heard stories of windows not liking this?

Posted 7 years ago

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