Using Windows Vista Ultimate, Office 2007 on a Lenovo x61 Tablet. Setup Tools>Options>AutoArchive with the first two boxes checked (run every 7 days & prompt). Went to individual folders (sent, junk, deleted, tasks & calendar) RClick>Properties>AutoArchive & set options (permenantly delete after x time or move to named archive .pst folder, i.e. sent07.pst, calendararchive.pst, etc.). AutoArchive prompts to run, I say yes & 2 seconds later it is done. Nothing is moved or deleted. Any ideas?

When I moved my data to the current computer from XP/Office 2003, I created a new .pst and then copied the contents of the various folders from the 03 PST to the 07 PST. Thought that would prevent any compatibility problems.

Thanks in advance,

Posted 8 years ago