I was reading the Outlook topic covering transfer of "things other than pst's" to another system and could not find what I needed. While there, I noticed several people looking for a way to manage what used to be called the Nk2 list. Or now, the Autocomplete list.

Nirsoft's Nk2 editor isthe best tool I ever found for working with the "nickname list" as it was called in Outlook 2007 but it still isn't a quick way to "refill" the list if it is completely empty. You would think that <MS> would consider any "personal data or modifications" something worth backing up and it all should have been included in either the pst or come with the necessary tool to make a complete backup.

A fix I have used for some time is extremely simple. I wish I could give credit to where it came from but I cannot find it now. It does not require any regediting or tampering with any files whatsoever. I think the actual list is now stored in some registry entry called the "Autocomplete Stream" but why bither when you can let Outlook do all the work?

To repopulate the autocompete list as often as needed and with any addresses you want:

First. Open Outlook.
Next, go to any addressbook list, Contacts, Roaming Contacts, etc. Any will do and if you dont have any, there are many 3rd party tools to extract email addresses from your sent folder or whichever you shoose. The point is to end up with a list of the people you will most likely email again.

Once you open the list you want to use, highlight the first entry, scroll to the bottom, Hold in the Shift Key and click the last entry which causes the entire list to be selected. Right click and choose "copy" to get them all.

If you paste this list into a new email in the To: box, no matter how long (I have done over 100 at once). then simply click "File" and "Save". You do NOT have to send that blank email to all those people. Just Save it.

That's it. Close outlook. Then re-open and your "autocomplete stream" is now repopulated". Or it sure works like it is.

Start a new email and type in the first letter of any of the addresses that were in your list and they all appear in the dropdown menu just as they should. Even if you somehow make a mistake and want them all gone, MS was very good about giving us a way to CLEAR the Autompletecache.
File>Options>mail>Send and click the clear autocomplete cache button.
An easy way to get them IN was what they forgot!

Like I said. User Beware! This was just someting I found by accident and discovered that it works very well for Outlook 2010/Windows 7. I can't say for any other combination but I imagine it would. If any one tries it on Outlook 2007 I would love to know if it works there too.

Posted 4 years ago