I have a bit of a weird one for you guys. I use gmail and i have outlook 2007 as my email client on a windows XP Pro SP2 machine. I have mail rules setup for many things and most of them work. However, there is one that is not working right. I have it set to move any email from info@newegg.com into a folder that i have created called NewEgg. It moves the mail in there, but it does it twice. Also, it leaves a copy of the mail in the inbox. I have it set to move and not copy, but it still leaves a copy. Also, If i get an email from newegg it will be duplicated. for example: newegg sends an email on 1/8/08 at 7:41am, that same email will be in my inbox twice. When i check my gmail from the gmail interface it is only there once. It seems like Outlook is downloading the same message twice. Funny thing is that it only happens with mail from newegg. Please let me know if I've left any information out that you may need. Thanks.

Posted 9 years ago