Have been upgraded to Outlook 2007. I like using the Monthly view of the Calendar.
However, if the month spans 6 weeks (as it did in Jul, from Sun 1st to Tue 31st), Outlook only shows maximum one appointment for each day. (It could show 2, but it allows space for a little down-arrow indicating that there are more appointments not shown).
Even in Aug (only spans 5 weeks), I only see max two appointments (it could show 3...).

[During Jul I did have a way to get more than 1, that was to scroll down to Aug, click the "Week" button, to show a Week in Aug, then click the month button, then scroll back up to Jul!!!]

I did some playing around, and improved slightly by taking the font size down from 8 to 7 (6 was too small for me), and not displaying the Standard toolbar. I can now get 2 in Jul and 3 in Aug, but just wondered if there are any other tips to help here, e.g. the month is displayed in very large font at the top, and the "Day | Week | Month" banner is also higher than it need be.


Posted 4 years ago