Outlook 2007 default to-do list view groups tasks according to arrangement,
as this is enabled in the Customize current view >> group option first box.
Unfortunately, this grouping does not distinguish between today, yesterday,
last week or last year. All tasks which have a due date equal or before
today's date appear on the same group, but all future tasks are divided in
tomorrow, next week, net month, etc.
I would like at least to have today's tasks separated from all the other and
if possible, it would be nice to have all the previous tasks divided into
yesterday, last week, last month or older.
I don't want to group by date specifically, because in that case it would
create groups for every date and I want to keep this today, tomorrow, next
week, next month arrangement, but for the past items.
Any idea how I might do this ? Thanks

Posted 8 years ago