I have backed up all of my settings an files pertaining to outlook 2007 using turbobackup. All the files are there, and when I transer them to the same folders that they were taken from, everything seems ok, the personal folder shows the old emails and even the hotmail is shown. However, when I look at the account settings, all of the email accounts are not listed or set up.
Question, am I missing something, because when I did this before(at an earlier date) I didnt have to do much when I transferred the files, in fact nothing, ALL of the settings were there and no problems, it was business as usual.
This time it is not, the reminders dont load properly, the calendar shows everything, contacts are fine, but the accounts are not set up, oh and the rules do not load properly. In fact they show errors, and the message in parenthesis are on other computer, it says.

Posted 8 years ago