I am confused in how to accomplish the following objective with two Window 7 user accounts on one computer. One Windows 7 account is an administrator account and the other a standard account. My objective is to be able to use the same Gmail account for both users with full read/create/edit Outlook capabilities with the same emails, contacts, calendar; etc.

I previously set up Outlook 2003 and so far both users have the capability to see and do all the same things on Outlook. I did this by taking the necessary steps so I could reassign the Standard account location for the outlook.pst file to the location of the Administrator account’s outlook.pst location. Thus both users are using the same outlook.pst file.

My next step was to get a Gmail account while signed into the administrator account.
That all appeared normal and I have successfully sent from the Administrator account
a Gmail to my primary account on Outlook and could read it there in Outlook when
signed on to either of the Windows 7 user accounts.

I am now having a problem and need help in setting up the standard account in Windows 7 so it will share the Gmail account that was initially setup for the administrator account. In addition I would need help in setting up Outlook in the Standard account to have access to that single Gmail account. The stumbling block I encountered began when I signed in to Gmail with my Google account. On the “Welcome to Gmail” page I was given two options. Neither option seemed appropriate for what I believe I need to do to accomplish my goal. The first option allows me the opportunity to add another Gmail account to my existing Google account, however it would not allow me to use my existing Login Name. The second option allows me to create a separate Google account for Gmail. That option would not work either.

Thanks for bearing with me. I would appreciate your help.

Supplemental Info
Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
Program and version used to access Gmail: Explorer 7 & Outlook 2003:
Antivirus software: Microsoft Security Essentials

Posted 7 years ago