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Odd Problem

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  • Started 8 years ago by loldude12
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A few days ago I was playing a game on my system when suddenly my screen went black, after a few minutes of waiting I restarted my system but the monitor stayed in stand-by with black screen. I tought my videocard (7600GT) died so I went to buy a new videocard (HD3650). But still black screen. But then I put my ram chip in a other slot and then when I started my system it worked and came in Windows but then I started a program and suddenly I saw artifacts and in just a few seconds my system rebooted itself. I started it again but then again the same thing happend! Does anyone know the problem?

I have a GA-MA770-DS3 motherboard with a AMD Athlon 64 4600+, 1GB DDR2 Crucial, MSI 7600GT and HD3650 (both work :P) 2 Power units (350watt Sharkoon and a 370watt trust).

Posted 8 years ago
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Based on your description I'd try getting a new stick of RAM (or two, they're pretty cheap now). Also, keep the side off your pc next time you start it up and check to see if the fans on your graphics cards are spinning (and all the other fans for that matter), odds are if they are not, you might not be getting enough juice to them and you might need to upgrade your power supply unit.

Posted 8 years ago
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I second Budohorseman. I just fixed a desktop for someone who had the exact problem. Put in a new stick of RAM and fired it right up. (Also didn't help that the PC was loaded with dust)

Posted 8 years ago
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i agree with the the idea of keeping the side of the computer off to make sure all the fans are working. and to make sure there is no dist clogging and of the heat sinks.

there are tests you can run on your RAM

this will run a quite thorough test on your memory.

and just checking, you have 2 power supplies on the same computer?

Posted 8 years ago
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Well, I *third* Budohorseman. Especially getting two DIMMs because that motherboard supports dual channel memory.

Also, I will second wallaceb that you should test the memory with MemTest86+. Finally, to add something original, you should get an application to monitor fan speed and temps as well as eyeballing them with the case off. Try SpeedFan which does fans, voltages and temps and make sure the system is not overheating:

Posted 8 years ago
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this could be the monitor too maybe i had a monitor before and it used to turn white every now and again so it might be the same type of thing but maybe not i would try out a diff. monitor just to see though.

Posted 8 years ago

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