i have been recently introduced to linux distros im a mac user and have windows xp on my mac to run some apps that are necessary for school(accounting). to dual boot multiple systems from my host drive which is mac os x 10.5 i use rEFIT(mac application which enables me to see all my bootable OS)and recently ive been using live linux live cds mainly ubuntu 7.1, slax, knoppix and opensuse to boot of the cd so i havent been installing on the hard drive as (i love my mac)and dont want it to crash.

long intro....but thats my background my first problem is that as im the only mac person in the house all the other computers in the house are windows vista how can i dual boot a live cd from windows vista without acutally installing the linux version on the hard drive i have no idea on how to use grub or lilo.

My second problem is that as i have no trust in how i install on my mac lapty i am using the live cds to experience the ubuntu and opensuse experience as to run these they have to be in the disc drive how can i play dvds on any of the linux distros that i use?

And no sound coming from any version of linux that i use so when i try and listen to music in ubuntu opensuse, knoppix and etc as a live cd i cant hear a thing(no sound)what can i do to solve this problem

My fourth problem is internet the linux experience would not be complete if i am not able to access the net with any of my live cds. i currently have three options to me available to which i can get internet and these are my usb wireless key that i use from 3 mobile broadband for when im on the move, my home wireless network when im at home and my proxy when im at school but am unable to use any of these three to connect to the internet when im using ubuntu, knoppix, opensuse or slax coz ive no idea on how to configure the settings

Posted 8 years ago