Facebook fixes bug that leaked users' phone numbers :

Cybercriminals Hop On the Google Project Glass Bandwagon :

Checking Identities in Social Network Friend Requests : http://fearlessweb.trendmicro......-requests/

The strange case of Gamarue propagation :

Lost+Found: Skype, XSS, and a Java exploit examined :

Web page fills up hard disk :

BBB Warns Users About Florida DMV Phishing Scams :

Japanese Companies Targeted...License Renewal Emails :

Zero-Day Affecting Java 6 U41 and Java 7 U15 Exploited in the Wild :


Zopfli: New compression library from Google :

Rescue system Grml 2013.02 improves diagnostic tools :

LiveCode Kickstarter campaign successful :

Dell Sputnik now being sold in Europe :

Linux Kernel 3.7.10 Officially Reaches End of Life,...Updated :

Parted Magic 2013.02.28 Distro Supports UEFI, Download Now :

Windows Alternative, OS4 OpenDesktop 13.3,...Linux Kernel 3.2.0-38 :

rekonq 2.2 Internet Browser Has Adblock Improvements :

Download Photoshop Touch for iPhone :

Mountain Lion Installation Bug Awaiting Fix in OS X 10.8.3 :

Microsoft Finally Gets Rid of Atlas as Facebook Completes Takeover (groan - GS) :

Windows 9 Rumored to Launch in November 2014 :

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