Ubuntu 11.04 reaches its end of life :

Industrial control systems vulnerable to remote attackers :

Experts: iPad Mini Sales to Bring More Security Challenges... :

7,000 Free Android Apps Plagued by Aggressive Adware Module :

Cybercriminals Rely on Malware...Japanese Banks’ Customers :

Experts Warn Users of Hurricane Sandy Internet Scams :

Mac Malware Makes the Leap to Automated Exploit Packs :

Phishing attack promises a free version of Windows 8 :


Adobe Flash Alternative, Lightspark 0.7.0, Is Released with Tons of Improvements :

AIDA64 2.70 Available for Download :

Opera 12.10 Snapshot Adds DNS Prefetching :

NoScript 2.5.9 Released :

US EMP missile fries PCs and electronics in trial run of microwave weapon :

Posted 4 years ago