Google Glass pre-order scammers set up shop on the web :

Dubious Developers Cash In On Candy Crush :

Safari 6.0.3 Security Update Fixes WebKit Flaws :

Apple ships fixes for new Java Web Start hole :

Devious dock is Raspberry-Pi-powered data drainer :

The World Has No Room For Cowards :

Facebook Scam: Samsung Is Giving Away 5,000 Free Galaxy S 4 Phones :


LXLE extends life of ageing computers :

Monitorix 3.1.0 Gets Statistical FTP Graph :

Make Ubuntu Look like Mac OS with Gnome Cupertino 2.1.4 :

New Apple Chip “A1469” Shows Significant Boost in Power Management :

Download VMware Fusion 5.0.3 for Mac OS X :

Windows 9 Is Coming: Full Version of IE11, Improved Touch Support :

Windows 7 and Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Most Vulnerable Products Last Year :

The Windows Blue Saga: Updated Metro Apps, a New Chance for Windows 8 and More :

Check Out a Windows 9 File Explorer Concept :

Free Wi-Fi Offered as Part of a Reinvented Microsoft Marketing Blitz :

Posted 4 years ago