Seagate's blog pushes malware on unsuspecting visitors via rogue Apache modules :

MSRT March '13 - Wecykler :

Reminder: be careful opening invoices on the 21st March :

New Uyghur and Tibetan Themed Attacks Using PDF Exploits :

Researchers Find iOS is Potentially Vulnerable to Malicious Profiles :

AVG anti-virus software mistakes Windows system file for a trojan :

Kaspersky fixes IPv6 problem in Internet Security Suite :

How Theola malware uses a Chrome plugin for banking fraud :

ArchiveLock Trojan Uses WinRar to Encrypt the Files of Users from Spain and France :


Google Reader to close down :

jAlbum 11 Converts Over 160 Video Formats :

Windows Firewall Control Updated to :

Download Skype 6.3 for Windows :

Posted 4 years ago