Facebook Graph Search and You :

Mega Search “Hack” is Digital Hall of Mirrors :

“Cracked” Android Apps Dabble in Ad Clicks :

Web Threat Update: MSN Cool Exploit Kit :

Expert Claims to Have Identified Persistent XSS...Blogger Service :

PayPal Addresses Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability...Experts :

Phorpiex Worm Spreads via Skype, Email and Removable Drives :


Mozilla announces developer smartphones with Firefox OS :

Conary System Manager Receives Major Update :

MySQL Vulnerabilities Fixed in Multiple Ubuntu OSes :

PHP Exploit Fixed in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS :

iPad 5 Design Leaked by Foxconn Staffer – Report :

Microsoft’s Windows XP Is Past Its Security Expiration Date – Google Engineer :

Kaspersky Now Updated with Live Tile Support, Still Available for Free :

Audacity 2.0.3 Stable Released :

Speccy 1.20 Available for Download :

Microsoft Unable to Fix Windows Update Bug...Option :

Windows 8 Media Center Pack Freeware for Ten More Days :

Posted 4 years ago