followed the link all the way through it's easy BUT... how do you enable USB debugging on a chinese (android) iphone please?
there is no tap applications box or development box on this phone.
superoneclick also freezes on me at starting adb server *daemon not running starting now on port 5037* thats where it freezes.
i also want to delete all the apps off of the chinese iphone apart from text/camera/call apps/wifi i want it that basic.
this way i don't have to use wap on my phone i can go to work and log on their wifi to use the net is this at all possible?
Now this phone has the app store icon but it says downloading and nothing happens so using the "iphone" google i can find apps but the certs wont let me download... I paid £10 gbp for the phone before anybody wants to point the finger at the noob muppet. anyway thanks for taking your time to read this and this is my first ever time on a forum so if i have posted in the wrong place sorry everybody

Posted 4 years ago